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Off Site Backup


Most companies realise the importance of securing their data but few have an effective off site solution. Some insurance policies stipulate that they must ensure that their data is kept away from the main business address.

Bridge Networks Remote Off Site Backup helps to meet those requirements.

  • SECURE: Your data is encrypted by you choosing one of the following methods ranging from DES, Triple DES, Blowfish (default) and AES upto 256bit (AES 256bit Encryption is used for Top Secret documents by the US Government) before it is sent over the Internet to the Bridge Newtorks Backup Server.
  • OFF SITE: Your critical data is stored securely Off Site.
  • DATA COMPRESSION: Your data is compressed as it is encrypted thus reducing the amount of space required on the Bridge Networks Server. Typically Word documents will be compressed by up to 90%, other file types such as JPEG  are already compressed.
  • AUTOMATED: Fully automatic service, no user intervention required. Once the job(s) have been configured and a schedule(s) set they will run at the allotted time.
  • SERVER APPLICATIONS: Can backup Active Directory, Exchange and SQL Databases. Software must be loaded on the Server/s running the application.
  • VARIOUS BACKUP METHODS: From a Full Backup through to Bit Backups, where only the small part of data that has changed is actually transferred, this reduces the backup time.
  • RETENTION OF DATA: Can be set per backup job, from keeping X backup sets online to retention periods of days, weeks or even years. The choice is yours.
  • NETWORK: Can backup data stored on other PC’s in your network via a mapped drive.
  • EXPANDABLE: Should you require more archive space the system can easily grow with your requirements.

To request a trial please click here to send an email and we will contact you or Call 020 8502 5172.